NZ drowning fatalities YTD

There have been 18 preventable* drowning deaths in New Zealand in the year to March 2, 2018, reports Water Safety New Zealand.  Of note:  24 preventable drowning deaths for same period 2017 4 YTD Auckland (same YTD 2017) 2 home pool drownings (3, 2017; 3, 5-yr average) 12 of the 18 (67%) were swimming related nil

Watch the swells and wear a lifejacket: Auckland rock fishing safety task force

The sun may be out but don’t be fooled into thinking conditions are safe, Auckland’s rock fishing safety task force warns fishers as they head out to take advantage of the long weekend and break in the weather to go fishing at their favourite west coast spot.    “We appeal also to the families of

Your mobile won’t save your child from drowning

Joint media release: Drowning Prevention Auckland and Auckland Swimming Association  It’s not rocket science; preventing your child from drowning is as simple as putting your device away and focusing your attention on them, say Drowning Prevention Auckland and Auckland Swimming Association in a call out to families making plans for the long weekend. “In the

Dying to help: would-be rescuers urged to consider safety first

Take time to assess the risks and your own level of water competency, and only enter the water if you have some form of flotation with you, urges Drowning Prevention Auckland, concerned at further loss of life as a result of rescue attempts. Only two days in to 2018 and already a family has lost

All we want for Christmas

All we want for Christmas Is for Aucklanders to prioritise safety of self and others around water so no family has to face losing a loved one to drowning this Christmas.    Swimming, fishing, picnics, camping, boating, or splashing in the backyard pool – they’re all typical Kiwi summer holiday activities which invariably involve water

“The world we choose has to reflect the actions we take.” Tima Kurdi

Vancouver Declaration on Drowning Risk Reduction of Migrants and Refugees At the recent World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2017, in Vancouver, a working group of delegate collaborated to provide a statement on behalf of all the delegates present, with the aim of influencing the risk reduction effort of global migration and refugee drowning. This declaration was