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Auckland Water Safety Education and Drowning Prevention Forum, Marine Rescue Centre, 15 November 2013.

In the context of water safety and drowning prevention, how will Auckland’s super-diversity challenge us in the delivery of our services, how we use our coastlines, and the region’s aquatic blessings for social connection, community wellbeing and economic development?

The forum featured a keynote address from eminent Massey University research sociologist Professor Paul Spoonley, exploring how cultural diversity and citizenship will affect everything from food habits, to health, safety, local aspirations, and to sport and recreation.

In addition to Professor Spoonley was the showcasing of Wai Wise, an innovative and successful programme ‘equipping youth with skills for life’ which has been running in Waitakere and where a three-year pilot had just concluded. Watch the video on YouTube.

Stacey Willcox, WaterSafe Auckland Drowning Prevention Coordinator and Wai Wise coordinator, presented on the background, key outcomes and future of Wai Wise.

Joining Stacey and sharing their Wai Wise stories were David Anderson (tutor), and Nikita and Anderson (participants), from Te Whanau o Waipareira Trust Alternative Education Amokura. It was a delight to hear their stories and experiences of the programme, and how they and their whanau have benefitted. Watch the video on YouTube.

In conclusion was a short Q & A session. Watch the video on YouTube.

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