WaterSafe Auckland is committed to best practice in the teaching of aquatic education, from early childhood to tertiary. Aquatic education is a multi-dimensional pathway, at the core of which is water competence. Aquatic education sits across the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) 2007, but most commonly relates to the Health and Physical Education learning area, which states, ‘It is expected that all students will have had opportunities to learn basic aquatic skills by the end of year 6’, (p.22).

Our education staff are experienced, registered teachers who understand the reality of curricula demands and the teaching of aquatics. Some of the ways in which they could help you include:

  • Sequential pathways for learning and teaching aquatic skills and activities.
  • School-wide planning, including EOTC.
  • Poolside and in-the-classroom support, helping you teach water safety.
  • NCEA Framework, Gateway programmes, alternative education.
  • ESOL and International Student Department support.
  • Resources to support aquatic education.

From the Educators Menu Bar you’ll find links to Programmes & Support, Resources & Learning Materials, and Research & Information. To discuss how we might help meet your specific needs contact:

Lynley Stewart  lynley.stewart@watersafe.org.nz