Programmes and Support

‘Schools will design their aquatics education programme in the learning area of the Health and Physical Education based on the needs of their students. Therefore no programme will be the same. Individual school programmes will vary as students’ developmental needs and school environments differ,’ Ministry of Education. New Zealand Curriculum (2007). 

There is a need for a school’s aquatic programme to include the development of:

  • Water competence.
  • Moving through water skills, for still and open water environments.
  • Water safety and survival skills.
  • Knowledge and sound decision making especially around open water.
  • Aquatic sports.

Learning needs to take place in the classroom, at the pool and in other aquatic environments. 

From the Integrated Aquatic Programme to Lifejacket Loan Scheme, you’ll find all the details of what’s available under the Programmes and Support tab on the Educators menu above.