Primary / Intermediate

The New Zealand Curriculum notes: “It is expected that all students will have had opportunities to learn basic aquatic skills by the end of year 6.”

This expectation is supported by the Integrated Aquatic Programme (IAP), an online resource for teachers, giving teachers a series of sequentially placed aquatic programmes available for classroom and practical based lessons.

WaterSafe Auckland is committed to promoting best practice in the teaching of aquatic education for Years 0-8. With the support from aquatic partners and educational groups a variety of educationally sound programmes and resources are available for the educator.

Other resources include: WaterSense Year 1-2, In at the Deep End Year 7 & 8, WaterSafe Policy & the  Rainbow System of Supervision (all available to download in PDF format).

Teacher’s Toolbox
The Toolbox is a collection of teacher guides help you gain the necessary background knowledge when teaching aquatics [either in the Health and Physical Education Learning Area or across the Curriculum] and student task sheets to assist the classroom programme. Click here to access the Toolbox.

Student Learning Centre 

The Student Learning Centre is a collection of  student activity sheets intended to provide support for you [the teacher] in integrating aquatics education across the curriculum.


What is the Safer Journey? Stanhope Road, an example of Inquiry Learning.

For more information contact Aquatic Educator, Lynley Stewart: lynley.stewart@watersafe.org.nz