In At the Deep End

WaterSafe Auckland recognises the importance of developing deep water confidence and safety strategies to complement skills and practices already learned in shallow water environments.

It is intended that In At The Deep End builds on skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours already learned and transfers them to deep or open water recreational activities.

In at the Deep End is designed for Years 7 and 8 and structured to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum 2007.

Learning is in the aquatic context of the pool, beach, river, lake and small boats.

In At The Deep End develops aquatic safety skills and key competencies via classroom-based learning and practical application.

All the practical skills are completed in deep water wearing a lifejacket. Sets of lifejackets are available from WaterSafe Auckland free of charge. Download a Lifejacket Request form here or check out the Lifejacket page for further information.

Successful participation in the programme will provide students with important safety skills and messages, which will assist in making sound decisions and safe behaviour while being involved in an aquatic environment.


  • Survival float / Sculling
  • Emergency entries
  • Survival strokes
  • Swimming in clothes
  • Rigid object rescue
  • Inflatable object rescue

For further  information contact lynley.stewart@watersafe.org.nz