Stanhope-Road-book-coverWhat is the Safer Journey?

In 2014 a group of Year 5 & 6 students from Stanhope Road School, shocked by the number of drownings each summer, focused their Inquiry Learning on investigating hazards that cause people to drown. This led them to discover that people have drowned as a result of being caught in a rip, and they went on to learn as much as they could about rip currents including how to recognise one. 

Not only did they increase their own personal knowledge and understanding, they also discovered that there was no signage to warn people of a rip. As a result of their inquiry, each student designed a rip sign, then voted for the best one. They also published their inquiry process and results in a book which they shared, not only with the whole school, but also with the team here at WAI.


“We thought we had been successful because…people were amazed when they saw it…our school audience and families thought it was cool…we got the message through to people…and we got you guys (WAI) wanting our book.”

In October 2014 the team visited WAI, where they presented their book to us and took us through their Inquiry Learning journey. For more information contact Aquatic Educator Lynley Stewart, in the meantime you might like to watch the video of their visit.