WaterSafe Auckland recognise the importance of raising the awareness of the special nature of the water environment, its unique properties, potential risks and dangers.

WaterSense is a classroom based aquatic education resource designed to support key water safety messages in junior classes, starting with new entrants. It is concerned with the thinking that surrounds a child’s behaviour in, on or near the water, while promoting critical thinking to help influence safe water practices.

WaterSense provides a foundation to assist in the development of a water safety culture within a school through aquatic education. While many of the activities are classroom based, there are a number of practical activities to promote water familiarisation and allow exploration of the basic principles of floating and sinking.

The key water safety messages are:

  • Stay between the flags – ‘Where at the beach is it safe to swim?’
  • Learn water competence – ‘Why do we need to know how to keep safe in the water?’
  • Wear a lifejacket – ‘How can a well-fitting lifejacket help to keep you safe?’
  • Always supervise within sight and reach – ‘Why should I always have an adult within sight and reach of me while I am in, on or around water?’

WaterSense can be implemented irrespective of whether your school has a pool or access to a water space. It is currently being updated and will be available here soon. For further information contact lynley.stewart@watersafe.org.nz