Principals, Teachers, Boards of Trustees

WaterSafe Auckland provides guidance on management and governance issues relating to aquatic education (water safety) and the education sector.

A Water Safety Policy

The adoption of a water safe policy by a school reflects the commitment to and value of creating a water safety culture for the school community. It supports the development and practice of water safety knowledge, skills and practices of all involved in aquatic education and supervision within the school.

The WaterSafe Policy for Schools resource has been developed to assist principals, boards of trustees, teaching staff and adult volunteers to improve and promote water safety. The policy has been developed in conjunction with more than 60 schools in the Auckland region.

The Rainbow System of Supervision

The aim of the Rainbow System is the safe supervision of students in water during periods of free swim time or other water based group activities. It involves concepts of leadership, selection of appropriate activities, the allocation of students, recognition of signs of distress, the use of colour coding of groups, the need for responsibility of self and others and a planned and practiced emergency system.

The Rainbow System is an integral part of the safety management strategies that must be in place as the practical implementation of the school’s WaterSafe Policy.

Teacher in Service PLD

WaterSafe Auckland offers professional development for teachers and health providers. These courses are a response to the needs of the sector and run to address issues of current interest and concern.

For further information contact Aquatic Educator Lynley Stewart