School Journal

These Task Sheets are intended to provide support for you [the teacher] in integrating aquatics education into your students’ literacy programme.  They may be used for shared, guided or independent reading.

The questions provided are examples which can be adapted to provide a focus on the strategies which best meet the needs of your students. For example, some questions are better suited to the needs of students who are developing the ability to identify the main ideas in a text, while others provide opportunities for them to make inferences or interpret texts.

The associated stories may be used as the catalyst to provide your students with opportunities for speaking, writing or presenting to an audience. Furthermore, the study of these stories will enable students to explore and develop the language associated with aquatics. These may also be used as a prompt to develop learning inquiry with students.

New Releases:

  • Danger Man (School Journal, Part 3, Number 3, 2008)
  • A Grin from Ear to Ear (School Journal, Level 2, October 2011)