The Integrated Aquatic Programme (IAP) is an online collection of resources collaboratively produced by a team of aquatic recreational organisations and members of the education sector.

The Aim of the IAP

  • To provide teachers with a visual tool to develop sequential pathways of teaching and learning for Year 0–8 students
  • To make links to relevant resources and aquatic agencies that support the teaching and learning within the IAP
  • To promote the teaching of swimming and water safety skills to develop life long learning around the aquatic environment
  • To help teachers clarify the term ‘basic aquatic skills’ p22 New Zealand Curriculum 2007

Features of the IAP

  • Resources are ready for you and downloadable from one place
  • Resources are added and updated to reflect current curriculum changes
  • Resources are developed by aquatic education experts together with practising teachers
  • Resources contain practical and classroom teaching and learning activities

Irrespective of the gender, ethnicity, social or cultural background of your students, the geographical location or available facilities of your school, the IAP provides access to realistic activities and learning experiences for your students.

Please note: as at August 2014 the IAP is under review; some links and/or programme details may have changed.


The IAP DVD highlights common concerns of teachers around aquatics education and suggests ways to overcome barriers to participation. For further information about the DVD contact

Check out the introduction to the IAP DVD on YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

Out pool is not deep enough! There is not enough time to do this! I need something for my Year 1 children! These are just a few of the questions answered in the IAP FAQs, downloadable from the Resources panel at right.