Families and Communities

DPA seeks to develop a community-wide approach to developing water competence, from the cradle through adulthood and career. Our aim is to work with individuals, families and communities who share our interest in making a positive impact on New Zealand’s approach to water safety, so that everyone is confident and competent around our beautiful waters.  In this section you will find programmes, resources, research and information to support your learning.

We want to connect with Schools, Communities and the Workplace.  If we can get people up to speed with our water safety messages and learning we can achieve a real multiplier effect at the nexus (nohonga) between child, youth, whanau, community and local businesses on an issue that effect anyone of us.  If we are able to encourage participation and ownership of water safety into a community led approach we will be better placed to prevent drowning across the region and country as a whole. If you think you can help us with our mission of preventing drowning through education please get in touch, email wai@watersafe.org.nz 

We also welcome feedback on our resources, programmes and information.