Safe Summer

Whether splashing around a paddling pool in the backyard, having a family picnic at the beach or taking to your boat, being on or near water is a part of our kiwi summer.

Fun in the sun and water go hand in hand, but we want it to be a safer playground for everyone.

Safe Summer is a collaborative campaign offering simple advice that you can follow to help keep yourself and others safer around water this summer.

  • Actively supervise children near water  that means supervision by a competent adult, within arm’s reach and focused on the child without distraction
  • Swim with others
  • Choose to swim at patrolled beaches and between the flags
  • Learning swimming and survival skills
  • Obey safety signs and warnings
  • Know your limits
  • Learn safe ways of rescuing others without putting yourself in danger
  • Learning CPR and being ready to respond in an emergency
  • Lifejackets – Take them and wear them
  • Skipper responsibility – the skipper is responsible for the safety of everyone on board and safe operation of the boat
  • Check the marine weather forecast – if in doubt don’t go out
  • Be visible – help us to help you
  • Don’t add alcohol to the mix
  • Know before you go the Water Safety and Boating Safety Codes

For more information on Safe Summer contact Barbara Venville-Gibbons, Regional Promotions Manager – Ph 0275 233 253

More specific safety advice can be found within the Community Safety pages.