WSNZ-Sector-Strategy-2015In 2015 New Zealand’s water safety sector embarked on an ambitious plan to achieve significant impact on New Zealand’s  high drowning toll with the vision of no one drowning. The New Zealand Water Safety Sector Strategy 2020 sets out the sector’s plan to collectively work together over the coming years (2015-2020) to meet a number of significant goals and create a culture where all New Zealanders will enjoy the water safely.  

The goals include: 

  • Preventable* drowning deaths reduced from 77 to 50 or less (-35%).
  • Drowning hospitalisations reduced from 172 to 100 or less (-42%).
  • Male drowning deaths halved from 66 to 33 or less.
  • Preschool drowning deaths reduced from six to zero.

* Preventable drownings are defined as all drowning deaths other than those that result from suicides, homicides and vehicle accidents. Statistics are expressed as a five-year average.

WaterSafe Auckland is proud to be one of many water safety organisations that have committed to achieving these goals, including: WaterSafety New Zealand, ACC, Coastguard New Zealand, Coastguard Boating Education, Maritime New Zealand, New Zealand Recreation Association, Surf Life Saving New Zealand, Swimming New Zealand.

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