Most children who drown do so in the home environment.

Invariably this is due to a lapse in adult supervision and involve baths, home pools and buckets or other containers.

Most bath drownings are of babies under 12 months and home pool drownings children aged between 1 and 3 years. As children grow and become more mobile, other hazards around the home and the wider environment also become more accessible to them. See Neighbourhood Safety.

Buckets and Containers

Any container that holds water deeper than a matchbox (40mm) is a danger to your child. Nappy buckets, dog water bowls, paddling pools and rainwater collection containers are all items that young children have drowned in. Always empty storage containers and store them on their side.

Pool Safety

The home pool is the highest risk area for preschoolers and you need to know your responsibilities around pool fencing and secondary layers of protection. Further information can be found under Home Pool Safety .

If you have experienced a non-fatal drowning with your child, you can complete and return the Incident Report Form (right) to help us ensure that it won’t happen to others.

Water Confidence

WaterSafe Auckland supports developing water familiarity and water confidence for children. Parents can encourage this development in home environments such as the bath, shower, pool or garden. The Family Water Safety Brochure in the Resources panel (right) have lots of ideas for fun activities to build water confidence and keep children safer in, on and around water.