Increasing the layers of  protection will reduce the risk around your pool.

  1. Adult supervision – Always have a responsible Water Watcher, especially at social events and barbeques. Supervision means:
    • Constant visual contact by a competent adult;
    • Proximity: adults stay close to non-swimmers and under 5s;
    • Without distraction such as phone, dinner, doorbell; and
    • Being ready to respond in an emergency.
  2. Fencing and gates – Compliant fencing and self-closing and self-latching gates with latches above 1500mm.
  3. Self-closer doors – Self-closers on any doors that open directly to the pool area.
  4. Door Alarms – Compliant with UL 2017 standard.
  5. Pool Alarms – Compliant with ASTM F2208 standard.
  6. Safety Covers – Rigid, lockable covers for spa pools and a pool cover  compliant with ASTM F1346-91 standard.
  7. Window restrictors – On windows that open to pools to restrict the opening to 100mm.
  8. Signage – Signage must be displayed on any doors that lead directly to the pool area and on covers of spa pools and hot tubs.
  9. Removing ladders – For above ground pools and spa pools.
  10. Telephone – Take a telephone to the pool for emergency purposes.
  11. Child education – Teach children water safety rules and water   confidence. Never assume that a child is water safe.
  12. Safety Turtle – Alarm device for children that will sound if they enter water.
  13. Neighbouring fences – Check that your neighbours have removed objects such as pot plants and compost bins which may assist a child to climb into your pool.
  14. Check the Pool First – If a child is missing.
  15. Water Clarity – Keeping your pool clear will ensure you can easily see a child if they are missing.
  16. CPR – Adult ability to perform child CPR greatly increases recovery.
  17. CPR Chart – Display a CPR Chart within your pool surround.

Pool Safety Game – Why is this a drowning waiting to happen?

This is a fun, interactive game (in PDF format) you can download. Move your mouse over the picture to discover the 14 problems with the pool area. When you find a problem click your mouse to find out what to do to reduce the risk. Fun for the kids too.

*While the resource attached to this page reference the old FOSP Act (1987) they do offer broader advice that helps ensure your pool is a safer place for young children.