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Kia ora – Talofa lava – Kia orana – Malo e lelei – Fakaalofa lahi atu – Bula vinaka – Namaste – Taloha ni

 Both Maori and Pacific peoples are over-represented (per capita) in our drowning statistics, accounting for 21 and 8 percent of the national toll (2007-2011) respectively.*

Many of the victims are male (Maori 85%, Pacific 87%), more than half (53%) of Maori drowning deaths occured whilst participating in a recreational activity and more than three quarters (76%) of Pacific. Of particular concern for Maori, is that they account for almost half of all drowning deaths in the 0-4yr (42%) and 5-14yr (43%) age groups.

On these pages you will find information about resources and initiatives aimed at helping our Maori and Pacific communities keep themselves and others safer in, on and around water.

Whanau Nui Family Swimming and Water Safety  

Building confidence and learning to be safer in the water are core principles of Whanau Nui, a unique five-day programme that has been running with great success in the Auckland region since 2006.

“This programme is essential for all children, giving them confidence and some basic life skills in the water.” Parent. Whanau Nui 2011.

Find out about Whanau Nui 2014 here.

There Will Be Another Day – Pacific water safety DVD

Features the stories of Mariposa Mariner, Solomone Vainikolo and Amohia Afeake, all blessed to be here today to share their personal stories of survival, in the hope that others may learn from their experiences. Their stories show how easily and quickly things can go wrong, and the crucial role we all play in keeping ourselves and others safer in, on and around water.

There Will Be Another Day is available free of charge, just go to our Resources Page to order a copy.

Know Before You Go – Water, Boating and Outdoor Safety Codes

The Codes offer a few simple essential rules to help ensure the safety of yourself and others while in the outdoors, and in, on and around water.

Each of the Codes is available in Maori, Samoan and Tongan as well as English and other languages. Maori Codes can be downloaded from this page, for more information visit our Safety Codes page or click on the Related Link on this page locate all languages at Adventure Smart.

For more information about our Maori and Pacific drowning prevention initiatives contact Drowning Prevention Coordinator Harry Aonga, harry.aonga@watersafe.org.nz.

*DrownBase. Water Safety New Zealand.