Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency medical procedure used to maintain a flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, heart and vital organs in victims whose heart has stopped beating, enhancing their chances of survival and significantly reducing the changes of permanent brain injury.

CPR is an important life skill which can be used in many situations including submersion incidents and drowning. Unfortunately a large majority of people do not know CPR techniques which often results in drowning victims receiving no resuscitation efforts until paramedics arrive.

Promoting the life-saving qualities of CPR, WaterSafe Auckland, together with the seven Auckland councils (now Auckland Council),  and St John has developed a CPR chart outlining the new CPR recommendations with step-by-step procedures, for infants (0-1yr) and children (1-8yrs).

The chart is weatherproof so it can be attached outside on the pool fence, or in the bathroom, for quick reference should it be needed.

Recent research has identified the need for early commencement of CPR and stressed the need for all parents, caregivers and individuals to learn CPR techniques.

Further information is available on the CPR Research page.

For details of First Aid and CPR training in your area contact your local health provider, or follow the Related Links at right.