Our goal is to provide a holistic and sustainable approach to aquatic education consistent with the intent of the New Zealand Curriculum. Our team of experienced, registered teachers, who understand the reality of curricula demands, is available to provide PLD to schools in the Auckland region, free of charge. This might include the following key areas:

  • Aquatic Skills and Activities – supporting the development of sequential pathways for learning and teaching around water competence (including water safety knowledge and practice, survival skills and an introduction to aquatic recreation and sports).
  • Planning – Using the IAP to assist schools with planning a school wide aquatic education programme.
  • Teacher Support – Working alongside teachers in the classroom and at the pool to support water safety education in action.
  • Resources – Providing resources to support teaching and learning as well as facilitating the Lifejacket Loan Scheme.
  • EOTC – Supporting aquatic-based education outside the classroom, e.g. safety management, river safety, hypothermia, lifejacket learning, beach safety.

Professional learning and development will enable an increased understanding of aquatic education. Our team of aquatic educators is available to work with you to meet your specific needs.

If you have any questions email Aquatic Educator Lynley Stewart.