SailSafe is a completely self-contained teaching package, containing five units of work focusing on five major curriculum areas (curriculum levels 3&4). The activities are designed for an age range of 8-12 years. The course ends with the children sailing the Yachting NZ model yachts, assisted by a volunteer from the local sailing club.

One of the strengths of SailSafe is the promotion of links between the school and its community. SailSafe aims to increase the participation of kiwi youngsters in yachting, coupled with a greater awareness of water safety.

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Check out the SailSafe website for further information

Sailing…Have a Go

Sailing…Have a Go! is a programme offered to schools throughout the country. It is designed to give students in Years 6, 7 and 8 the opportunity to experience the pleasure of sailing in a safe and well managed environment and most importantly, have fun! Yachting New Zealand would like to encourage participants’ continued involvement in the sport.

How does it work?

Yachting New Zealand has provided a variety of programme structures that will fit in with schools. Programmes consist of a variety of activities and game which focus on three parts of the school curriculum.

  • Physical and Personal Development
  • Science and the Environment
  • Technology

A fully qualified Yachting Instructor and assistant will deliver the programme to 12 students at any one time. Yachting New Zealand recognises the need to provide flexible programmes and have developed a choice of programmes:

Option 1: Half Day ‘Challenge’ – 2 half day sessions for 12 students a session ($10 per student)

Option 2: Full Day ‘Challenge’ – A full day’s programme for 12 students (the most popular option with schools, $20 per student)

Yachting New Zealand provides all the necessary equipment, incuding sailboats, coach boat, lifejackets and spray tops in a fully enclosed trailer, delivered to the Yacht Club nearest to participating schools. The children are further enabled to join ‘Learn To Sail’ programmes in their community.

Bookings and information

It is important that schools book well in advance in order to prevent disappointment, as this programme is very busy. Please contact the Programme Coordinator.

Kristine Lederis
Programmes and Services Coordinator
Ph 64 9 361 4022
Fax 64 9 360 2246