water-competence-paddleboarding-with-the-kids“In a drowning prevention context, water competence is the sum of all personal aquatic movements that help prevent drowning, as well as the associated water safety knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that facilitate safety in, on and around water.” Moran (2012).

Parental Perceptions of Water Competence and Drowning Risk for Themselves and Their Children in an Open Water Environment

Water competence has long been regarded as a critical safety factor in the prevention of drowning but little is known about people’s perceptions of how much swimming competency is required to provide protection from drowning, especially in open water environments where most drowning incidents occur. This study reports on parental perceptions (n = 309) of swimming competency of themselves and their children, and parents’ beliefs on their safety when swimming in open water.

Stanley, Teresa and Moran, Kevin Dr (2017) “Parental Perceptions of Water Competence and Drowning Risk for Themselves and Their Children in an Open Water Environment,” International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education: Vol. 10 : No. 1 , Article 4. Available at: http://scholarworks.bgsu.edu/ijare/vol10/iss1/4