New Zealand Schools Waterwise Incorporation

Programme need:                 

Children need to have a range of opportunities to explore and to grow in, to develop self confidence, and to have experiences that will shape their independent make-up of the future

Waterwise provides this through:

– experiencing basic skills in sailing and kayaking
– catering for varying pupil interests and abilities
– the enjoyment of, the respect for, the understanding of and the
limitations of: the environment, resources and people

Waterwise programme:

  • Practical course conducted in a safe water environment
  • Targeted towards children in years 5–9
  • Series of courses sequentially progressed in sailing skills and knowledge with  appropriate age alignment in attitudes and values
  • The children gain experiences in adopting safe practices prior to any water activity that can be applied to other recreational activities

Curriculum links:

Although this programme is practical and relates directly with the Physical Education strands: Movement Concepts and Motor Skills, Personal Health and Physical Development, Healthy Communities and Environments, Relationships with other people………the programme can have direct links with other curriculum areas: Language and Languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Science, Technology etc. Resources, where identified, will be placed on the NZSWW website such that direct links can be accessed for teachers to design classroom teaching programmes

Waterwise programmes could be available through a centre near you. For more information contact:

Steve Cornelius (Chairperson)
Ph 027 229 5622