Work Places

Why engage with the work place?  WaterSafe Auckland operates in the work place for a number of reasons:

Firstly, we see far too many workers in the drowning statistics, primarily men who represent about 75-80% of all drownings. Some roles require strategies around working with water and we can help with that. Good employers already ensure their staff have Health & Safety programmes so we can add a water safety component to build awareness, knowledge and skills.

Water provides a great medium for staff and team development.  This could be as simple as practical communication or leadership tasks, working together in a fun and different environment, whilst taking on board some great water safety messages. It could go further with a performance skills based programme around deep water survival skills, including a theoretical component covering the skills of lifejacket use, HELP, HUDDLE and rescues.

WaterSafe Auckland also offers courses tailored to meet occupational health and safety requirements for organisations and businesses whose staff are working in, on or around water. These are available over a period of a day or days and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisation. We also work with partners to bring water safety to the attention of all; helping to create an aquatically confident NZ, free from drowning.

Great employers are increasingly seeking to provide a “well-being” component for their people and a short programme with WaterSafe Auckland can not only help develop water competence for these employees, but provide them with knowledge that can help them educate and protect their families as well.

Equally, we understand that the need to make a living means that, for many people, going to a pool is not an option or they may feel that its too late in life for them to learn to swim… we come to you.

Organisations we work with include  UNITEC – Performance Skills for Sport, WaterCare Services, NIWA, Auckland Council and the Dept. of Conservation.  

To discuss how we may be able to tailor a programme to meet your workplace needs, whether part of a Health & Safety package, a well-being component, group development or simply race rafts contact