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The Auckland region presents a whole new set of challenges for our refugee and new migrant communities when it comes to keeping themselves and others safe in, on and around water.

New Settler Water Safety Reference Group

The group’s goals are to reduce drowning and water-related injury among new migrant and refugee communities; and to increase awareness around safe aquatic participation. The group meets quarterly to share ideas, expertise and resources.

Workshops are available free of charge for new settlers wanting to learn more about water safety. These cover water safety in the home, beach, community, rockfishing and boating safety.

International schools – WAI developed the International Schools and ESOL Water Safety Teaching Kit to support student learning at international language schools and ESOL departments. This is further supported by workshops and ongoing support for tutors.


  • New Settler Water Safety DVD – Covers four key settings: Boating, Pool, Beach and Rock Fishing. Viewable in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean.
  • Be Water Safe – An illustrated bi-lingual resource based on the following settings: Home, Community, Beach, Rock Fishing and Boating. Currently available in a number of languages.
  • West Coast Beach Safety – Developed in partnership with Surf Life Saving Northern Region, covering surf safety, rips and rock fishing. This is currently available in English, Chinese Mandarin and Korean.
  • Rock Fishing Safety – A very popular, yet dangerous, activity. Check out the Rock Fishing Safety page for further information. Resources available in Englush, Chinese, Korean, Tongan and Samoan.
  • Women’s Swimming – See the women’s swimming page
  • Know Before You Go – Water, Boating and Outdoor Safety Codes

The Codes offer a few simple essential rules to help ensure the safety of yourself and others while in the outdoors, and in, on and around water. Each of the Codes is available in English and 16 other languages. For more information visit our Safety Codes page.

Programme Contact

Leilani Fuemana