Whānau Nui

Whānau Nui

Whānau Nui is an practical and fun learning opportunity for parents/caregivers and their preschool children. By participating in Whānau Nui parents and caregivers feel more confident about providing safe experiences for their preschool children in, on and around the water. In New Zealand our waterways are easily accessible for all, either in and around the home or within the local community. Our aquatic environment is a fun playground and with the right knowledge, understanding and skills, can be safely enjoyed by all.

Whānau Nui was introduced to educate parents and their children in water competence.

This year’s plan for the Whānau Nui programme will be focused on talking to ECE children and parents. The first session is usually a dry session, then pool sessions the for 2 days with the first day themed around confidence in the pool and the other being emergency and survival competencies.


Harry Aonga
Email: Harry.Aonga@dpanz.org.nz