Early Childhood Programmes

Professional Learning and Development (PLD)

DPA will provide PLD to your early childhood centre at no cost:


  • Teachers will gain understanding, awareness and knowledge around aquatic education.
  • Teachers will be provided with the tools needed to provide aquatic education in the school.

This could involve:

  • Options which will develop water safety competencies for teachers and students
  • The development of a plan to implement aquatic education into the early childhood centre
  • Access to DPA resources that will support aquatic education learning and teaching
  • Supporting teachers to implement aquatic education in the classroom and in the water with their class

* The PLD process will be negotiated with each early childhood centre to meet the needs of their community.

Drowning Prevention Auckland Staff Providing Water Safety Directly To Students

DPA staff to coordinate and deliver aquatic education
  • Classroom and/or pool safety sessions focused on water safety
  • Coastguard Safe Boating programme (with PLD this is free)Each programme will be tailored for the specific group depending on age and ability. This could include our basic water competency training and safer boating education.

*Class teachers will be expected to participate in these sessions assisting with class organisation, management and learning.

Water Safety For Under Fives

As children become more mobile they begin to explore their surroundings, their sense of curiosity and adventure not matched by an understanding of the possible risks.

They are unable to identify or respond to unsafe situations in, on or around water. Young children do not always understand, remember or apply rules. At this stage they are easily distracted by opportunities for play. The responsibility for their safety in, on or around water rests with the adult and occurs across the different environments in which the child is exposed to bodies of water.

The adult responsible for the child or children in the home, community setting or in an early childhood centre, needs to ensure that they are actively supervising in situations where the children have access to any bodies of water. WaterSafe Auckland endorses aquatic education for preschoolers (3-5 year olds) through child-centred messages and the promotion of active supervision and caregiver’s responsibility around the water.

Teacher Resources

Fishing with Papa

Fishing with Papa is a water safety education teaching resource for early childhood featuring important water safety advice for both children and their caregivers.