The Government is calling for public submissions on the Building (Pools) Amendment Bill. This Bill repeals the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 and amends the Building Act 2004.

Have you made your submission yet?

We are very concerned about the proposed legislation. The announced aim is to ‘reduce the compliance burden currently imposed on pool owners and territorial authorities in relation to residential pools’… while maintaining child safety. It is unclear how child safety will be increased by using the same type of building policy process that contributed to Leaky Homes and (among other actions) reducing pool inspections from three yearly to five yearly. If enough people tell this government child safety is important to them, then the child safety deficits in the Bill might be improved.

WaterSafe Auckland has led the reduction in home pool drownings in Auckland from an average of three in 2002 to less than one in 2015. We have delivered a home pool safety project in conjunction with Councils for the past 12 years, been represented on the development of the Standards NZ 8500:2006 Swimming barriers and fences around swimming pools, spas and hot tubs, and developed Territorial Authority training in conjunction with Auckland Councils through the Building Industry Authority.

We urge you to submit an application to tell the government that child safety is important to you. For further information including a submission template see our earlier post Building (Pool) Amendment Bill.  We have attached here our Submssion Building (Pools) Amendment Bill_WaterSafe Auckland Inc. November 2015 if you’d like to read it.

Submissions close Thursday, 5 November 2015.