We have great pleasure in announcing the launch of the Pacific water safety DVD “There Will Be Another Day”, an exciting new tool in the campaign to prevent further drowning among our Pacific peoples.

Every year, too many Pacific lives are lost as a result of drowning, many are men and many of those involved in recreational activities. Most are preventable.

The DVD features Mariposa Mariner, Solomone and Eileen Vainikolo, and Amohia Afeake, all blessed to be here today to share their stories of survival, in the hope that others may learn from their experiences.

Their stories show how easily and quickly things can go wrong, and the crucial role we all play in keeping oursleves and others safer in, on and around water.

“There Will Be Another Day” will be presented to Auckland’s Pacific community in conjunction with West Fono Health Trust at:

Thursday 12 December
West Wave Recreational Hall
Alderman Drive, Henderson

It takes a village of people to bring about change. It is our hope that this DVD will be used to generate conversations, accompanied or followed by other forms of learning, as a foundation of ongoing water safety education within the Pacific community.

Copies of the DVD can be ordered from the Resources section.

For further information about the DVD or launch please contact Barbara Venville, Regional Promotions Manager.

P 027 5233 253