How do we continue to meet the drowning prevention and water safety education needs of the changing ‘face’ of Auckland?

We are pleased to announce that eminent Massey University research sociologist Professor Paul Spoonley will present the keynote address at our upcoming Regional Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Forum.

He will explore how cultural diversity and citizenship will affect everything from920-192 food habits to health, to safety, to local aspirations, to sport and to recreation.

In the context of water safety and drowning prevention we ask how this super-city of Auckland will challenge us in the delivery of our services, how we use our coastline and the region’s aquatic blessings for social connection, community wellbeing and economic development.

Professor Spoonley has been researching and writing on New Zealand’s immigration, employment, social and economic trends for over 30 years, and his address will provide challenging, revitalising and at times contentious insights in to what it means to be an Aucklander. What are the needs, wants and aspirations of the residents of the ‘world’s most liveable city’ where immigrants and their children now make up 56% of the population?

We look forward to the opportunities for discussion and debate.

Regional Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Forum
(to be followed by the AGM (download AGM Agenda (PDF))
9.30am – 12.30pm
Friday November 15
Marine Rescue Centre, Solent Street, Mechanics Bay

Full details can be found on the Forum Invite 2013 (PDF), otherwise please contact Steph Ryall.
Phone: 09 306 0809